Painting in Series: The Children of Haiti by Gary Holland

Painting in series is enormously educational as well as fun.  Note:  This series was assembled in a flip-book format using The link works if your computer can tolerate Flash. If not, well, maybe you can figure it out or use a friends pc?  Good luck.  

The Children of Haiti - Wix

Painting in series.

A simple process goes like this:
1.  Choose a theme, i.e. my theme, The Children of Haiti, or A walk along the Sea, or A Month in the life of my Cat..   (Optional:  Let your photo materials direct your theme i.e. with a stack of silly cat photos, one might write " A Month in the life of my Cat."
2.  Write a simple outline to give yourself some guidance, i.e. 1. Morning along the sea. 2.  Midday along the sea  3.  Evening along the sea.  Make some notes if you desire.
3.  Find the photo material and/or pleinair locations from which you'll begin creating.
4.  After at least 3 paintings are finished, reevaluate your theme or your outline.  Your brain will begin to be creative with the process.  Its your series, so its quite ok to say, think, or even destroy as you see fit.  We're creating here.. no rules, really.
5.  At some point in the future, (recommended: 8+ paintings/drawings) find a way to call it done.  Then stand back and imagine you are explaining the series to someone.  Ask yourself whether it is self-explanatory or, like certain modern art these days, it requires a dissertation.  If you can display the pieces, knowing you can explain your motivations in each one (i.e. I wanted to use wild color to explain the passion of the flitting sea anemones.. lol) then you were successful.  How else to define success? Reflect on your feelings, your techniques used along the way, your inspiration from one image to the next.

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