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Sun streaming through window

Painted this live in my friend's studio:

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I am experimenting with a technique of creating the imprimatura on the canvas 'as you go' rather…


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Sichuan 80cm x 60cm - Oil on Linen

This is a rather large painting (for plain air work) that I did in a village in Sichuan, China called Liujiang. It is 80cm x 60cm - Oil on Linen. Lijiang is a pretty village by a river with very old traditional Chinese buildings. Now it is a tourist destination. In the rain, the umbrellas of the tourists and their reflections make for some interesting painting ideas. I huddled under the eaves of one of the shops to paint this picture to keep out of the…


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Plein Air Setup for Large Canvases

The Take It Easel is a Gloucester-style easel that was used in the Gloucester, Massachetts area in the early part of the 20th century. It is ideally suited for working on large canvases outdoors. It is flexible enough to also let you work on small canvases.

With the help of a carpenter in China, I made a large palette that I could use with this easel, which gives me the largest workspace possible.

I can also use it as a board to attach loose linen to, when I need to keep the weight…


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My lightweight plein air setup

This is the plein air painting setup I was using on my recent painting trip to Mauritius. I am using a Mastersen seal palette box mounted onto a tripod using an Easel Butler. I put the palette in a big freezer overnight to slow down the drying of the paint. This system gave me much more palette mixing area to work with, which I find helps with finding a good color harmony.…


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Shanghai, China plein air

This 107cm x 80cm piece was worked up in the studio from the following artRage plein air sketch I did on my iPhone on the Bund at night in Shanghai.…


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