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Carmel Paintout 2018

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! Wishing you lots of success in your art careers, stay inspired and never stop learning!

I finally got the time to post some pictures from the paintout in November. Great time with great people. Hope we'll do it again in 2019! And don't forget to post images of your paintings. …


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2016 Signature Members Announced

We are very excited and pleased to announce this year’s candidates for Signature Membership.

Selections were made based upon the strength of their plein air portfolios. As part of the selection process, their Membership Level is elevated to that of Painting Ambassador and upon completion of the required prerequisites they will become full Signature Members.



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Plein Air to Studio Workshop with master artist Ray Roberts

Workshop Dates: September 24 - 27, 2015

Workshop Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Skills: Intermediate to Advanced

Workshop Price: $650.00

Group of Painters: 10 - 12 people

Location: Southern CA…


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Workshop with Colley Whisson!

Colley Whisson Workshop

"Giving Expression to Visual Ideas"

We are very excited to host workshop with Colley Whisson, an internationally recognized artist, raised in the northern regions of Brisbane, Australia.

 Colley will conduct step-by-step daily outdoor or indoor…


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Interview with Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson began the first part of his life as a successful trail attorney. After many years Bill found he craved the natural beauty of the world and took up painting. As Bill became more skilled as a plein air painter and thoroughly enthralled with Nature’s beauty he courageously made the move to full time artist and workshop teacher.



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Authenticity, Creativity and the Quest for a Singular Vision

Great article for read:

Summary by Susan Blackwood OPA based on OPA 2013 National Exhibition presentation by Joe…


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Build Your Own Artist Website

Here is an article form the Abundant Artist on how to build your own custom website for free:

Here's the deal. You need a website. Perhaps you feel that the website you have isn't quite doing what you need. If you feel like you need something better, I have a few…


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Making Your Own Linen Panels M | Howard Friedland OPA

Commercially made linen or cotton canvas panels are available, and they are very nice. However, making them yourself will save you money and they really don’t take very long to make.

Here are the materials that you will need with step by step instructions (and photos) on how to mount linen or cotton canvas to board.

There are various surfaces to mount linen or cotton canvas to, depending on how light you want them to be. For general use I like Gator Board.…


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Taking That Leap of Faith

Article from Artist Daily. 



Artists who…


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Great lesson on seascape painting from Stapleton Kearns

A seascape lesson

Here is the ink to this post:



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Photos from Napa workshop with Bill Davidson - Oct 2012

You can see a video of the demo by Bill Davidson here:


Our group at Lake Hennesey, second day of the workshop.…


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Studio easel

I am thinking about buying this easel. Has anyone used it and do you have any feedback?



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Painting in France

I recently went on a two week painting trip to France. It wasn't a workshop or anything like this, just me and my artist friend. We rented an apartment in Paris and stayed there for 3 nights and then took a train to go south. In Ax En Provence we rented a car and our journey to French Riviera had began. Here are some of the paintings I did on the trip. I'd love to hear your comments.…


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Carmel Art Festival 2012

The festival went very well this year, though I didn't get any ribbons. :) Two out of 4 paintings I did got sold at the festival. It was great to see some of the artists that I met in previous years and was also nice to meet some new artists, including Becky Joy! Jessey Powell organized a bonfire the night we hanged the paintings and it was a real fun. …


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Framing in progress

I just received my order of frames from and I am very happy with them. Great quality, modern style frames at reasonable price. They could even do a custom size frame for me. If you are looking for good frames consider, you won't be disappointed!…


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Introduction to Facebook Pages for Businesses and Orgs

Free for a limited time!

Learn how to setup and manage a Facebook Page for your business or organization. This course is great for those who have a Facebook Page and have had a hard time figuring out how to engage people through it and for those who are brand new to Facebook and need to know where to begin.

You will start at the beginning by creating a new page and walk through the…


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Influences and Recommended Reading

I came across this page on Ray Robert's website and thought I should share with you. List of books recommended for every student. For complete info go to this page:

  1. For those learning to paint or just put better skills to their canvas, the top of the list, Edgar Payne,…

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How to Stretch Canvas: A Tutorial with Step-by-step Instructions

Empty Easel is the online art magazine with practical advice, tips, and tutorials for creating and selling art. Here is a tutorial on how to stretch canvas:

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2012 Winter Art Symposium

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the Winter Symposium in San Fransisco last weekend. Had to cancel at the last minute to due to some urgent matters. I know few our members attended and I'd love to hear from you how it went and what you learned. Please share your experience with others!

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