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Finding Groups with a Variety of Purposes

I just realized that each art association I have joined has a distinct purpose in my life.  I love painting with SOCALPAPA.  We discover new places each week.  I am beginning to get to know the artists and begin new conversations.  LAPAPA brings new opportunities to exhibit in conjunction with the local galleries such as the Debra Huse Gallery and the Randy Higbee Gallery.  Fun!  Lastly, California Art Club has such an amazing history and opportunities throughout the state.  All of these…


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Facebook storefront

I heard facebook has a store front.  Hope it is true.  What a wonderful venue to share our paintings on.  Congrats Tonya.  I think we are on to something.

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Using Facebook to Share Paintings

I have been posting my latest paintings on facebook to share with friends and other artists.  Most of the time, this venue is such a great resource to express opinions of paintings and give encouragement.  Recently, however, it blossomed into a few sales.  I posted that several paintings would be available at the Belmont Shore Art Walk.  Several clients came and bought paintings.  They were so supportive and encouraging.  On a different occasion, one of my clients spotted the painting of South… Continue

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Plein Air Festival in San Luis Obispo, Sept. 27-Oct. 3

San Luis Obispo is staging a week-long festival of plein air painters. Most painters of from California, but others painters are from Arizona and New Mexico. A popular festival, this events includes quick draws, paint-outs, exhibitions, private viewings, poetry and an exclusive lecture by the director of the Irvine Museum, Jean Stern. Check out their calendar of events by visiting the following link. This is a fabulous organization that really involves the community and plans ahead. I just… Continue

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A Sanctuary for the Eyes, The Back Bay

The scent of lemon grass and rosemary seemed to fill the trails along the Back Bay in Newport. A sanctuary for the eyes, this serene marsh land is filled with earthly tones of azo greens and ochres. As you look onto the horizon, it seems like an abstract painting of planes and lines. The challenge is always to simplify the complicated brush, grasses and streams. What is most difficult is establishing depth and the rise and dips of the land before you. Any hints?

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Lovely Art Show at SOCALPAPA

Southern California Plein Air Painter's Gallery featured a lovely show on paintings inspired by plein air painters from the past. The landscapes were gorgeous. Both professional and emerging artists exhibited their work. I met Wendy Wirth who is currently showing at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts. She is so kind and encouraging. This was a great show featuring who is currently out there. Check it out if you are in Newport, California. The link will provide more details on the… Continue

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Marketing Your Art and Grant Writing

I just read two books on marketing your art. I believe Tonya recommended How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist. Excellent resources and thorough research on the process of starting your career. Caroll Michels has a THINK BIG approach. Could get expensive. It is a little overwhelming but if you streamline the advice, it is helpful. Also read Taking the Leap by Cay Lang. Her approach is very artist friendly, encouraging and simplified. She includes Exhibition Timelines and… Continue

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Painting with Greg LaRock on August 20-22

I just discovered Greg LaRock at the Laguna Festival of the Arts. He has an informative blog and seems really structured about his instruction on plein air. Affordable lessons. Check him out.

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