Membership Prerequisites

Associate Member Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to becoming an Associate Member other than having a passion for plein air painting. Associate Members are urged to participate in events and inter-act with other Members of all levels and skills.

Painting Ambassador Prerequisites

Painting Ambassadors are Associate Members who seek to become Signature Members and have been juried by a panel of their peers. The number of Painting Ambassadors is limited. Once Painting Ambassadors complete the Signature Member Prerequisites, they will become full Signature Members.

Signature Member Prerequisites


Summary for Signature Member Candidates

Select four tasks from Category One and two tasks from Category II and complete them within the period prescribed below. Prospective Signature Member Applicants may complete these electives before or during the Application Period and are encouraged to do so.

Signature Member Prerequisites:

Upon selection of the Prospective Signature Member’s artwork and completion of the required electives listed below, artists will be admitted as full Signature Members (until then, artists are considered Painting Ambassadors). These prerequisites are imposed because no entry fees or membership dues are required to be a member of CPAP. Most artists will find that they can satisfy many of these requirements within an hour. They are not designed to be difficult but to promote CPAP as a premiere plein air painting organization and a place for plein air artists to interact.

Category One – On-Site Requirements (Choose any four. Must be completed within one year):

  • Contribute three blog articles about art subject matter (brush strokes, composition, etc). Allow at least two weeks between posting each article;
  • Contribute three blog articles about personal workshops, personal achievement or events. Allow at least two weeks between each posting.
  • Donate $20 or more (counts as two electives in Category One!)
  • Advertise on our site an exhibit, workshop or other event conducted by the artist;
  • Add at least five new works of art to the CPAP gallery;
  • Send three messages to other artists on our site using the message feature on your page
  • Mention your CPAP Membership Level and affiliation  on your personal website (mandatory);
  • Welcome three new Members using the features on your page;
  • Invite three of your friends to become CPAP Members
  • Post a picture of yourself to the Profile Section of your 'My Page'. This should be a facial photograph, drawing or painting that is reasonably lifelike. Do not use an avatar image or another form of artwork.

Category Two – Off-Site Requirements (Choose any two. Must be completed within 3 years)

  • Organize a CPAP Exhibit featuring CPAP Member art;
  • Organize and conduct a CPAP paint out;
  • Organize and conduct a CPAP workshop;
  • Assist a CPAP Signature Member with a CPAP workshop, paint-out or exhibit;
  • Participate in an independent art exhibit and mention your CPAP Membership;
  • Distribute Press Releases in your area about a CPAP Event
  • Participate in a CPAP exhibit, paint-out or workshop;
  • Host a CPAP banquet or other event;
  • Assist a CPAP Member in hosting a banquet or other event;
  • Organize a CPAP Group or Chapter;
  • Join a CPAP Group or Chapter
  • Jury a CPAP Competition

Additional Requirements

  • Complete a Petition for Signature Membership and submit after you feel you have completed and complied with the appropriate Prerequisites.
  • Entrants grant a limited license to CPAP to display art on CPAP”s website for purposes of promoting CPAP and related activities.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated above, CPAP will not sell, publish or otherwise convey copies of any submitted artwork for any other purpose except as granted specifically by an instrument in writing by and between the artist and CPAP.
  • Artist represents that no copyright, trademark or other similar infringements have been violated by Artist;
  • Artist agrees to abide by the CPAP Terms of Use

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