How Do I...?

Please follow the guidelines outlined below to set up your "My Page" and as a guide to use the website.

  • Upload a photo of yourself on your profile page. It can be a distant shot or a picture of yourself painting at your easel on location with your back to the camera if you don't feel comfortable posting your portrait picture. It can also be an edited photo, like illustration or painting of you.

  • Specify your town and state/country as well.

  • You don't need to specify your age or give your full address.

  • We recommend creating albums for your artwork - it keeps your paintings (especially if you post a lot) organized and easier for the visitors to view.

  • Make sure to crop your artwork to only show the artwork itself. This gives our site a more professional appearance and it shows the artwork as large as possible. Note: We will remove any photos without notice, that do not meet the above standards.

  • This website is for artists painting en plein air. Figurative works, still life paintings and paintings in any other genres, except for landscapes, seascapes, urbanscapes and traditional works painted en plein air will be removed without notice.

  • You can post photos of yourself painting or attending an art event on our "News" tab.

  • If you'd like to upload a video use the "Videos" tab located under the Member tab in the main menu.

  • To create an event use the "Events" tab. You can invite anyone or only selected members to the event you created.

  • Feel free to invite other artists to join our network, chapters, groups and events.

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