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From the Beginning....

Lynne Fearman is the product of an artist/illustrator father who believed that if you had a desire to be an artist, you could achieve it through daily painting and drawing. It wasn't by osmosis that she became an artist too, but Lynne had the desire to practice and observe her daily world, and found the creative process an enjoyable endeavor. “It wasn't until I  freed myself from copying photos, and painted from life that my work took a whole new and positive direction. Through the encouragement of my teachers, and mentors, I continue my studies with other artists who enjoyed the creative process too,” says Lynne Fearman.

Lynne Fearman is represented by Saga Fine Art  in Monrovia, California, and Ron Vander Molen Fine Art, in Pasadena, CA.

Prints of her work are available through Fine Art America.

  • Lynne Fearman won 3rd place in the CPAP International Challenge 2016
  • Grand prize winner Los Angeles Plein Air festival 2015
  • 2nd place in “All That Glitters,” California Art League 2014


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